Russian "dacha"... a "dachniy" style of life... 

History: before and now.

Other languages lack the analogue of the Russian word "dacha".

Dacha is a place of rest for wealthy citizens, it has proliferated in Russia since the 1860s. At the turn of XIX-XX centuries country life became a mass social phenomenon unique to Russia; it has found a bright reflection in the Russian literature and art of the era.

What is a Russian dacha in the classic sense of the phrase? Breakfast on the veranda, hammocks and swings in the garden, meals for old round table with the bunch of wildflowers, a samovar, bursting with heat under a blossoming apple tree.

Go and See!

We invite you on a tour of the "dacha life". First go to visit the resort town of Sestroretsk on the Finnish Golf, see the sights, preserved old buildings and admire the marvelous wooden dachas of the early twentieth century. Then visit the old dacha house of the Russian artist Ilya Repin "Penates" (former Finnish Kuokkala) and be a guest of the artist!

In the end you will have traditional lunch in the very atmosthere place "Nasha dacha".