Guiding Service

The success of your trip depends a half of a successful guiding choice.

What are our guides?

The guide is not only the expert in history and art, but also the face and soul of a city

Guides of St.-Petersburg are one of its main treasures. 

Our guides love the city and are ready to share this love to all its visitors. 

Except deep knowledge, guides posess personal observations behind an everyday life of people, therefore their stories are live and are full of humour.

Short visit? Not a problem!

You especially need personal guide services, if your visit to Petersburg is short. In this case the guide will help you to see all the best sights during small time. Your time will be spent with the maximum advantage.

Who are our guides?

All our guides are professionals in the work. They have necessary licenses for classical excursions. 

Also we offer the author's excursions satisfying the most exacting tourists. You can order excursions in the most different languages. The European languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, Portuguese, Greek, Polish, Serbian). East languages (Hebrew, Hindi, Farci, Chinese, Japanese). Many guides know several languages.