5 ways to save money

Way № 1 Season

Everyone knows that in tourism there is the concept of "high", "medium" and "low" season. Traditionally, the high season for St. Petersburg is the period White Nights from mid-May to early July. Of course, the city is especially beautiful and romantic, when there isn't different between day and night. During this period, St. Petersburg did not sleep, streets full of people. All this is fine, but considerably expensive.
Select Low season to save money. You will see the same museums, the architecture will not change, the city in its own magnificent and in winter attire, and under a veil of autumn rains.

Way № 2 Accomodation

You can stay at the historic Hotel Astoria suite or the Grand Hotel Europe. And you can live modestly in a hostel in the heart of city..... and see all the same Hermitage, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Catherine Palace and Peterhof fountains. Sights are the same for all people.

Way № 3 Group

Travel in group! This method of travel saves you money when you will pay for transport and guide services. If you are an individual travelers, let join to our group right in St. Petersburg! And if you're group savings will be even more! 

Way № 4 Special offers

Use the special offers! Often hotels cut prices on certain short period of time. Also airlines or railways give special rate for tickets.  There are free days of visits in any museums.

Way № 5  Independence

In many cases, independent travel reduces the cost of the tour. In our programs you will find free days or free time, where we recommend an independent visiting of museums.