Hebrew speaking guides

Hebrew speaking guides of St.-Petersburg - one of its main treasures. Our guides love the city and are ready to share this love to all its visitors. Except deep knowledge, guides possess personal observations behind an everyday life of people, therefore their stories are live and are full of humour.

Mr. Roman Korovin  Roman Korovin
Mrs. Natalie Galkovskaya  Natalie Galkovskaya
Mr. Leonid Landa  Leonid Landa
 Mr. Eugene Davydov    Eugeny Davydov
 Mrs. Maria Volfson  Maria Volfson
 Ms. Anna Berezina    Anna Berezina
 Mr. Dmitry Romashov  Dmitry Romashov
 Mrs. Ksenia Matezius  Ksenia Matezius
 Mrs. Zhanna Televitzkaya  
 Mrs. Inna Faiman  Inna Faiman
Mr. Alexey Mikhailov Alexey Mikhailov
Mrs. Elisabeth Lukash Elisabeth Lukash